About Vex!

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Thank you for visiting Vex.

Vex was formed back in early Burning Crusade and has only become stronger since. We are always recruiting exceptional players to strengthen our core. If you are interested in joining Vex, fill out an application Here.

Vex is the proud home to some of the top ranked arena teams in our battlegroup, Vindication. Gorefiend's best rated battleground teams are also made from Vex members.

Our members have achieved:

Lich King

  •     Realm First: Celestial Defender
  •     Realm First: Death's Demise
  •     Realm First: Grand Crusader


  •     Realm First: Throne of the Four Winds (Heroic Al'akir)
  •     Realm First: Heroic Chogall
  •     Realm First: Level 25 Guild
  •     Horde First: Heroic Ragnaros
  •     Realm First: Heroic Madness

Mists of Pandaria

  • Realm First: Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer
  • Realm First: Heroic Sha of Fear
  • Realm First: Heroic Ra-den
  • Realm First: Heroic Lei Shen

Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8-11:30pm(EST).